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CAEedaTM   (Computer Aided Engineering Design and Analysis Program)

CAEedaTM is a Computer Aided Engineering Design and Analysis software package designed for most Aerospace, Mechanical, Automotive, Naval Architectural and Civil Engineering applications.

Thanks to its capabilities that range from simplified engineering tools for conceptual phase of a design to more advanced tools such as topology and shape optimizations in the final stage all, CAEedaTM is a complete package for engineering design from conceptual to final phases without any need for another major tool.

As a sophisticated design and analysis tool, CAEedaTM provides an integrated solution for all the following steps of part or product design:

  1. Geometric / solid modeling of parts or products to be designed
  2. Generation of computational meshes for analysis
  3. Computations for performance under external effects
  4. Visualization of results
  5. Optimization for better performance

Its user-friendly graphical interface, which can be easily learned and used, is appropriate for parallel computing across multiple processors and reduces human labor. This way, it does not depend on any third party software. By using Linux operating system, it is also independent of any kind of proprietary operating system, under fully secure environment.

Presently CAEedaTM has the following modules :

  • Geometry Module (CADeda)
  • Mesh Generation Module (MESHedaTM)
  • Flow Analysis Module (FAPedaTM)
  • Structural Analysis Module (SAPedaTM)
  • The Fluid-Structure Interaction Program (FSIeda)
  • Thermal Analysis Module (TAPeda)
  • Parallel Coupling Program (Search INterpolation) (SINeda)
  • Interactive Multi physics Module
  • Optimization Module (OPeda)
  • Pre-Processing Module (PREeda)
  • Post-Processing Module (POSTeda)
  • 6 DOF Module
  • Ballistic Module (BALLISTICeda)

Each module that is verified with international standard test-cases has been put at the disposal of civil and defense industry.