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CADeda  (Geometry Module)

Major Features

  • Import and exports geometric models in IGES, STEP, BREP and STL formats
  • Executes cutting, joining, intersecting, trimming, extending, offsetting, extruding, revolving, sweeping, lofting, translating and scaling processes easily
  • Creates parametric solid models (missile, wing geometries, etc.) quickly and can be customized with respect to user demand 
  • Creates parametric NACA airfoils quickly
  • Shows the topological hierarchic chart of the geometry (volume, surface, edge, corner relations) on a separate window, which constitutes an interaction with the labeled model
  • Provides quick, easy and precise methods to select geometric components using rectangle, circle, and polygon
  • Has dynamic clipping and "show selection only" features to examine inner details of complex geometries
  • Allows to obtain measurements from geometries including angle, length, area, volume, center of geometry, moment of inertia, radius of gyration, radius of curvature, tangent and normal vectors of surfaces and mark points or vectors obtained from measurements on the model
  • Allows interaction with other solution software
  • Maintains continuity of working on repetitive operations
  • Maintains safe working by "preview & cross check" method
  • Has a selective auto-save feature
  • Has a recovery capability in the case of computer crashes
  • Has useful management system consisting of four internal library modules including part, geometry-helper, finite-model-geometry and finite-model
  • Has an interactive and instructive user manual
  • Has a selective and customizable multilingual graphical user interface
  • Has a useful icon binding and key binding features
  • Allows to export raster (bmp, jpeg, gif) and vector (ps, pdf, swg) type plots
  • Can import pictures for texturing the model surface and allows drawing on it
  • Allows to emulate radiation with respect to material properties (emissivity, diffusivity, shininess and ambient parameters)
  • Has advanced tools and a rich model catalog
  • Creates a solid model of 3D complex wing parametrically and automatically with any dimensions in a very short time, and modifies it in interaction with aerodynamic and structural optimization algorithms
  • Determines the geometric defects and absences easily and repairs by using tolerance value
  • Makes 2D and 3D sizing
Figure 1. Modeling an aircraft by CADedaFigure 2. Modeling a store separation by CADeda

Figure 3. Modeling a hydro-pneumatic solid geometry from a mechanical drawing by CADeda