FSIeda (Fluid Structure Interaction Program)

FSIeda is a software developed by EDA Ltd. Co. for solving Fluid-Solid interaction problems and flutter analysis of structures. FSIeda uses FAPedaTM for flow analysis, SAPedaTM for solid mechanics analysis in a coupled manner and for parallel coupling SINeda interface is utilized.

Major Features :

  • Static and Dynamic Aeroelasticity solutions
    • Flutter Analysis
  • Loosely Coupled
    • Direct Integration
    • Mod Superposition
  • Time Integral
    • CFD (flow) : Implicit
    • CSD (solid) : Implicit
  • CFD
  • CSD
  • Fluid-Solid Data Transfer Interface program
  • Parallel Computing
    • CFD : Parallel
    • CSD : Non – parallel

Advantages :

  • All software belong to EDA Ltd. Co. and no need for additional software.
  • Fluid-Solid Data Transfer interface does not require a license or an additional software.
  • Precision (verified with experimental results)
  • For even very large grids, very low cost and quick solution due to its parallel solution capability on PC clusters
  • Customization on demand
  • Low cost

Some Sample Applications :

  • Airplane wing flutter analysis
  • Airplane wing static aeroelasticity analysis
  • Missile fuselage flutter analysis
  • Helicopter rotor flutter analysis
  • Turbine blade flutter analysis
  • Wind Turbine blade flutter analysis

Figure 1. AGARD 445.6 Wing flutter analysis (solutions and experimental results)

Figure 2. Fluid-structure interaction solution for AGARD 445.6 Wing flutter analysis by CAEedaTM